Color, light, & mirrors


We had the pleasure of visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago today & the Olafur Eliasson show made me feel like Alice falling into the rabbit hole… It was fantastic; color, light, mirrors, & magic!



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Rainy day

I enjoyed the rainy Wednesday morning yesterday…

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Lotto Love from Beer Town!!!




Just having some fun with some pics from around town and sending a whole lotta love from beer town. (Beer Town is from Tom’s Party Store the Coldest Beer + Wine in Ypsi)

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Patio Cleanup


We spent last Sunday cleaning up our patio & it looks really nice! We had some plants that had seen better days & needed to be tossed & we also planted some new plants or replanted & cleaned out ones we’ve had that needed a little TLC. It took longer than I thought it would, but it’s so nice to have it done.

Ryan refinished our beautiful patio chairs (made by our friend, Blue) earlier this summer with Penofin & it made a huge difference – they look like new, better than new in fact!

Our lime tree, “Captain Sunshine”, is doing well & seems happy too; it’s so exciting to see the limes growing & we’re looking forward to picking & eating our first lime from the tree.


Red Pepper

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Picnic in the park


We enjoyed a lovely picnic at Gallup Park this afternoon with friends (thanks for organizing this, Stef & Ken!), great food, and a nice breeze despite the warm weather. Kids & adults alike enjoyed the popsicles too!

Gallup Park



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The Great Nopales Quest of 2009!


We decided that we’d like to have Nopales (Prickly Pear) tacos for dinner tonight; Ryan’s made these before & they’re delicious! So we set out on a mission to find our Nopales… Although Whole Foods had most of the ingredients (Queso Fresco, bell peppers, onions, zucchini, squash, etc.) for our Mexican feast, we couldn’t find our key ingredient. And so began the great Nopales quest of 2009!

After making many calls to local grocery stores, we finally stumbled upon a Mexican grocery called Dos Hermanos & were much like 2 children on Christmas morning staring at presents under the tree; not only did this place have Nopales, they had so much more. We picked up the best Tomatillos we’ve ever seen in Michigan (these are usually very small & sad looking at most regular grocery stores here, if you can find them at all) for a fresh, homemade salsa verde as well as some Asadero cheese.

So, thank you, Dos Hermanos, for being there for us in our hour of need! Suddenly we are aware that we can have Nopales & other Mexican specialty ingredients whenever we want & we are very lucky to live in a place that offers us so many great grocery stores that allow us to find the ingredients to cook whatever our hearts & our tummy’s desire.

When the grilled veggies & Nopales are placed on flour tortillas, topped with fresh, homemade salsa verde & guacamole, & sprinkled with Queso Fresco or Asadero cheese, I know that I will appreciate them that much more; I do love a good adventure!

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48hr Film Awards


Tonight we went out to the D to catch the awards festival and screening of the best of films for the Detroit 48-hr Film Project. It was a fun filled evening of local beer, pizza, and burning abandoned buildings (the best the D can offer). Out of 42 films our film The Most Difficult Thing won 5 awards: best comedy, best use of character, best dialogue, best acting, and best writing. Unfortunately we didn’t win best film, maybe next year. The film is going to be re-edited and submitted to other festivals, so maybe it will have a future beyond here. Kudos to the team and all who worked on it.


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Melody in the morning

Melody in the Morning

Here are some photos of our sweet puppy, Melody, in the morning. She likes to be tucked in each night & is all cozy on her pillow wrapped up in her blanket here…

Melody in the Morning

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Brunchy Brunchy Brunch

We enjoyed a delicious brunch with friends on Sunday at the T’s house in Detroit; Ryan made a yummy potato, pepper, & onion hash that we brought along with us. Getting together with good friends on a relaxing Sunday morning/afternoon for good food & good company is just a fantastic thing, anyway you look at it!

Brunchy Brunchy Brunch

Amy & Bei at Brunchy Brunchy Brunch

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The Most Difficult Thing

Val and spent last weekend working with a group of friends to make a short film for the 48hr Film Project. We were given the genre of comedy, the character Leeanne or Liam Butler, a painter, the prop of a book, and the line “why don’t you explain it to me.” After a long day Saturday and some time spent Sunday morning, this was the final result. Val sings on the track and is in the movie, I was one of the camera and lighting techs, and I make a brief appearance as a barista in the coffee shop. Enjoy the film!

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