Walk & Wag 2010

This is our friend, Stephanie, kissing a beautiful, adoptable Pit Bull (I got a smooch at the “Kiss a Bull” booth too!) at our 5th Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV) Walk & Wag event at County Farm Park we attended yesterday as “Team Squirrel Lovers” – it was the 31st Annual Walk & Wag! Although it was a little drizzly early that morning, the rain stayed away for the most part & it turned out to be a beautiful day. As a team, we raised a total of $610 this year, which is our best ever & I’m proud to say that each year we participate in this event we raise more money for the HSHV.

Walk & Wag is such a fun event & full of fun activities – like the Kiss a Bull booth I mentioned above, Pet Massages, Vendor Booths, Bobbing for Weenies, Agility Course, etc. & it’s all for such a great cause! See more photos of our Walk & Wag adventures here.

Pictured above is Bella – our friends, Stephanie & Ken, adopted Bella from the HSHV right after our first Walk & Wag 5 years ago & Bella & Melody are best buds! Here’s to another successful & fun Walk & Wag & many more to come – Melody & Bella approve this message!

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Grow, baby, grow!

Ryan built this awesome planter box a couple weekends ago from cedar, it’s on wheels/casters, & has rope pulls which make it movable – it’s pretty great! So, now that it’s warming up & safe to plant, we had the pleasure of picking out what we’d like in our first ever real vegetable garden. We picked up lots of goodies to fill it with (as well as to plant in other pots on our patio) & are so excited to see some things grow & to be able to enjoy our own fruits, vegetables, & herbs for meals throughout the summer!

Here’s what we got: Lilies (we’ve had these for several years & they come back every spring/summer), Pansies, Snapdragons, Marigolds, Nasturtium (Alaska), Superbells (Apricot Punch), Strawberries (Everbearing – Alpine & Ozark Beauty), Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Mint, Orange Mint, Basil, Thai Basil, Italian Plain Parsley, Early Red Pepper, Cal Wonder Green Bell Pepper, Arugula, Magenta Red Crisp Lettuce, Tomatoes (Roma Paste, Genovese, Marvel Stripe, Brandywine, & Better Boy), Eggplant, Brussels Sprouts, & Jalapeno Pepper. We’re hoping to pick up some Ancho Pepper plants at the Farmer’s Market this Saturday to add to our box, some more basil later on when it warms up a bit more, & we’ll be set.

And here are some photos of our little beauties sitting happily in their pots & boxes…grow, baby, grow; the really fun part will be seeing our photos later in the summer when our plants grow up & fill this box in!

Thanks to our wonderful friends Mark & Amy for the tomato plants & to Abigail & Steven for our tomato, eggplant, & jalapeno pepper plants; we hope to have enough to share with you all later this summer!

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We had a VERY busy, but very rewarding & productive weekend; we finally revamped our guest room/office & are so happy with the outcome! After many hours of work & trips to IKEA (three shelving units, a bike rack, a desk, a wall shelf, & other miscellaneous items), the hardware store, etc., we have a whole new space to enjoy & our guests will finally have a “real” bed (futon) to sleep on instead of the blow up mattress we store in our closet. Ryan & I had to give the futon a test run, so we took a nice nap on it on Sunday afternoon after all our hard work was complete; I slept well & so did he, so I think it’ll fit the bill!

Here’s a cute little lamp we picked up at IKEA for our new office desk & an adorable little potted plant I picked up from my favorite flower shop, Pot & Box

And once that project was done, we spent Sunday afternoon cleaning out Ryan & Jen’s studio space at EMU & it is really coming together & looks nice; I’m excited for both of them to have a nice space to work in. We started our day with breakfast at The Bomber in Ypsi, to keep us fueled & ready for the work ahead; here’s a photo from breakfast, which we all enjoyed (Ryan really enjoyed his peanut butter, chocolate chip pancakes)…

And this weekend’s project will be to plant some vegetables in our planter box on the patio; I can’t wait to have my own garden producing herbs, vegetables, fruit, & flowers for me to enjoy all summer long!

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Botanical beauty

I had the pleasure of visiting the Matthaei Botanical Gardens again yesterday & it’s such a lovely, peaceful place that I had to share some of the photos I took with you.

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…to you…

Happy Birthday, Dad; you were a looker back then & you’re still as handsome as ever! We love you bunches!

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Mother May I?

Happy Mother’s Day!

I read a quote by Tenneva Jordan that I thought was perfect for today, she said, “A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” Thank you, Mom, for loving us & for always leaving a slice of pie for us to enjoy.

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Feliz Cinco de Mayo

We’d like to wish you a happy Cinco de Mayo! Many Cinco de Mayo celebrations include food, music, & dancing – all of which I like – so eat, drink, dance, & be merry!

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Out in the West Texas town…

We spent some time in El Paso, TX this last week & here are some interesting & fun photos we got during our trip…

Mom, Ryan, & Val

A very strange door to nowhere...

We were all perplexed by the strange door, including Debbie

And some good ol' Texas BBQ!

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