Honeymoon Picnic

In January 2001, Ryan & I enjoyed a fabulous honeymoon in California; we visited Sonoma & Napa Valley, as well as Bodega Bay, & had an amazing time. One of my favorite memories of our trip was when we visited the Benziger Winery & enjoyed a delicious picnic there, along with a bottle of their amazing Pinot Noir of course!

We stopped at a little market on the way & picked up a fresh baguette, Genoa salami, medium/sharp cheddar cheese, fresh strawberries, & a big slice of chocolate cake to share. It sounds simple, I know, & it was…but it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten & to this day I have a soft spot for this meal in my heart. We topped the salami & cheese sandwiches with a sprinkle of salt & pepper, opened the bottle of wine, finished it off with fresh strawberries & chocolate cake, & enjoyed it all immensely; we’ve called them “Honeymoon Sandwiches” ever since & as I was feeling nostalgic today we decided to recreate the meal – we might not be in the middle of a gorgeous vineyard in California, but it was still just as tasty as I remember!

by Valerie | 06.20.10 | For Funsies, Recipes | 2 Comments »


  1. […] day, although I was worried the rain wouldn’t hold off initially. There’s nothing like honeymoon sandwiches with my sweetie & a hike with us & Melody on a beautiful Sunday! And it’s not over […]

    5:35 | 05.30.11
  2. […] looking extra cute¬†with her conversation heart Valentine collar, we’ll be enjoying some Honeymoon Sandwiches today next to our fireplace (we woke up to a temperature of -1, feels like -10), and listening to […]

    14:21 | 02.13.16

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