All grown up

Ah, how far we’ve come… This is how our little garden began & this is how it looks today! We’ve really enjoyed growing our own herbs, fruits, & vegetables & Ryan has been great about keeping up the watering (which needs to be done almost daily to keep the tomatoes from getting blossom end rot or the other plants from wilting) & training the tomatoes & peppers with bamboo sticks & rubber-coated wire ties to help them support the vegetables that are growing from their vines. Our garden has, as I like to say, put on its “big girl pants” & is all grown up; we’re getting the beginning of tomatillos & baby eggplant, we just recently harvested some peppers & onion, & we’ve been enjoying our lettuce, basil & other herbs, & raspberries & strawberries (although our strawberry yield has been slim to none, the ones we’ve picked & eaten have been delicious!) for some time now.

Our lime tree, a.k.a. “Captain Sunshine”, has produced several limes & I have to say that when we picked & used a lime recently it was honestly the very best lime I’ve ever tasted; one might argue that it tasted so good because it was from our very own lime tree, but I think it was just that good!

We haven’t had any ripe tomatoes yet, but I’m crossing my fingers & hoping that some of the tomatoes will develop fully (milk, it does a tomato good – who knew?) & we’ll be able to enjoy them eventually.

We’ve enjoyed learning new things about growing as well as expanding/changing our garden each summer & hope that each year we plan & plant our garden it will be bigger & better than ever before. Luckily, we have friends that are excellent & experienced gardeners to guide us along the way; thanks Abigail & Steven & Mark & Amy!

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