Costume party

Costume Party

We went to a fun costume party last night at our friend’s place & had a great time! It’s always fun to see what everyone comes up with for a costume party. Ryan made his own pixelated head, which was a hit & everyone enjoyed trying it on for themselves during the party. Check out more photos from the party here. Happy Halloween!!!

Costume Party

Costume Party

Costume Party

Costume Party

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Happy Halloween!

Halloween Candy

Happy Halloween!!! Here are some photos I took & some fun video clips that are favorites of mine to get you in the holiday spirit!

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Disney’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Peanuts Halloween

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Giddy up


We had a great time horseback riding with friends at the Brighton Recreation Riding Stable last Saturday. I wasn’t able to take pictures until after our ride, so I missed photos of our horses – but they were all beautiful & it was a wonderful ride through the fall forest. The leaves were beautiful on the trees as they were all changing colors & the sound of them crunching under the horses’ hooves was nice. Here are some photos from the day & you can find more here.

Steff & Ken


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Fall Lovelies

Bittersweet Wreath

We’ve scattered the house with fall lovelies lately, such as this lovely Bittersweet wreath above which I got from Lisa at Pot & Box at these lovely flowers below. I do love flowers & it’s fun to enjoy different ones throughout the year!

Alstromeria & Lisianthus
Chinese Lanters

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Pumpkin Carving Party & W’s Birthday

Val's pumpkin

We had a great time on Saturday, October 23rd at a pumpkin carving party/birthday party for our friend Walter, a.k.a. “W”. Lots of friends, fun, & delicious food to share with everyone! Here are just a few images from the festivities; they had awards for the best & worst pumpkins.

1up mushroom
1up mushroom


1st place


3rd place

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I’m traveling this week & will be bouncing from coast to coast – Detroit to San Francisco, San Francisco to New York, & New York back to Detroit… Although it felt like opposite day when I was delayed 2 hours on my flight out due to bad weather in San Francisco while it was sunny & nice in Detroit, I made it there just fine & all is going well.


Waiting to board

On another note, we had a wonderful time horseback riding last Saturday & at Walter’s birthday/pumpkin-carving party; I’ll be sure to post on that soon too – we took some fun photos last Saturday!

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Happy Sweetest Day & happy Boss’s Day! In the spirit of Sweetest Day, here are some sweet flowers that Lisa Waud from Pot & Box arranged for events we had at the Ross School this week & some sweets we served at our events…

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Spiffy mason jar lamp

We had to bring our lime tree, “Captain Sunshine”, in for the winter as it’s starting to get too cold at night here to leave it outside. Captain Sunshine needs lots of light to stay happy, so we were thinking of options to give him what he wants (lots of light & warmth) but still have a stylish looking solution since this sits in our living room & right in front of our window looking out. I saw these canning jar lamps in the Pottery Barn catalog & liked what I saw, so we started our online search on how to make these ourselves & came across these instructions on a DIY canning jar pendant lamp (here are some other instructions on design sponge). Off to ACE Hardware we went, to buy all the tools & supplies we needed to make our spiffy lamps.

Basically, we used the instructions we found online & modified it to our liking (it’s a good thing Ryan is so awesome at figuring stuff like this out so easily!); we used two different types of perforated metal to make a double layer & interesting pattern inside the canning jars, to help diffuse the light & so we wouldn’t be blinded by the compact fluorescent bulbs that Captain Sunshine needs. We used a small tart pan for the ceiling light plate & drilled holes in it to pull the wires through & to hide the connecting electrical cords for the 3 lamps & we chose half gallon, wide mouth, Ball brand mason jars. And voila, it worked – it’s fun, & interesting, & it beats the heck out of a janky clip lamp, which was what we used for this last year.

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Today’s date just so happens to be 101010 & it was a lovely fall day here in Ann Arbor, MI. We headed, with friends, to the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary (GLRS) & to Wasem Fruit Farm for the afternoon to enjoy the lovely weather. At GLRS, we sponsored one of their adorable bunnies, “Oreo”, by making a donation to care for her there. And at Wasem Fruit Farm, we picked up some fresh cider & doughnuts & enjoyed a stroll through the orchards & the pumpkin patch.

For more photos from our fall fun day out, click here.

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Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes

I was inspired to bake something yesterday¬†& since it is fall, & I remembered baking & liking these before, I made these sweet little mini pumpkin cheesecakes. And, much like with those miniature size Halloween candy bars, I can tell myself that it’s ok if I have more than one since they’re so small! These are tasty little bites & the pumpkin butter & pumpkin pie spices really make them – I used what I could find at the grocery store for this, which was American Spoon Pumpkin Butter rather than the suggested Pecan Pumpkin Butter from the Williams-Sonoma recipe. If you’re not a cheesecake fan, you should really give these a try – Ryan doesn’t like cheesecake, but he likes these because the pumpkin & spices really give them a great flavor.

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