Black & Tan Farm hoop house build

Hoop house build - Black & Tan Farms

We dragged ourselves out of bed early on a Saturday & headed over to Belleville to build a hoop house with a team of people (organized by Selma Cafe) for two separate farms – Stephanie & Joyce Phillips’ Family Farm & Kari Smith’s Black & Tan Farm – there yesterday & had a wonderful time; everyone involved was so kind & friendly & the farm owners themselves were wonderful! It was hard work & a very long day as we worked from about 8:00am-6:30pm, but it felt wonderful to help out in whatever way we could for such a good cause & we had wonderful lunch & dinner breaks to look forward to while we were there.

Hoop house build - Black & Tan Farms

We had quite the garden ourselves, considering the tiny footprint our apartment patio allows us, this last summer & love to support local farmers – so it was a great way for us to be a bigger part of that by helping to build a structure that would allow them to extend their growing season & increase their crop yields.

Also, there was an abundance of adorable dogs on site for me to gush over, which I loved of course; I  think I counted 7 throughout the day, 2 of which were Great Danes & were hard to miss!

Hoop house build - Black & Tan Farms

Hoop house build - Black & Tan Farms

Click here for more photos from the hoop house build.


  1. The hoop house pictures were awesome. It is gi-normous! I just didn’t picture it being such a huge project. It was neat that you and Ryan and so many others volunteered their time to do this. What wonderful community spirit. Love you. Mom

  2. I was honored to be a part of both builds that day
    Would like to hear from Karry about the tiller
    God Bless

  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog and all your hard work. Black and Tan Locals thanks you so very much. It is people like you and the other volunteers who make miracles happen for local farmers…..

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