F-ing Fruit!!! Take that Winter


Winter can’t stop me from attempting to garden. With the help of “the sun” and oddly quite a few days of sun this winter we’ve been able to grow limes like a mo-fo. It looks like I have successfully tricked our lime tree, Captain Sunshine, into thinking that it is summer, so we’ll have quite the crop of limes this year.


As a little side project I wanted to try to see if I can trick our strawberries into thinking it is summer as well. They are bit more finicky than Captain Sunshine, and are thirsty bastards requiring lots of watering, which I often neglect this time of year. But after a bit of early struggle, and a battle against spider mites (see below), I believe I see the start of a few strawberries. Ha ha winter, I won’t let you kill everything off.

Spider mites are jerks. Once on your plants they take over your vegetation with tiny webs and slowly choke the life out of it. Oh, they spread quick too. The dry indoors in the winter sets up the perfect conditions for them to set in and think that they own the place. But with some good ol’ fashion ingenuity (aka researching the internet) I discovered as long as you mist your plants and douse them a couple times a week those greedy bastards will pack up shop and leave. So take that spider mites, you and winter can bite me.



  1. I know – we haven’t had any strawberries actually produce since the summer & have had some bug problems (as Ryan mentioned in the post here), but at least we’ve been able to keep the plant alive & there are actually blossoms on the plant now which is exciting!

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