DIY Jewelry Holder

Jewelry Holder

I had been wanting an interesting solution for holding my jewelry out in a place where I’d see it & therefore wear it more often for some time now. We came up with this fun idea & picked up various vintage hardware (doorknobs, drawer pulls, hooks, etc.), a precut board, which we stained, painted, & roughed up a bit to make it look aged, & then we put it all together & hung it on our wall. I think it looks great & it makes my jewelry much more accessible, which I love.

Jewelry Holder


  1. looks great! I’m forwarding this to Steven, hoping he gets ideas….

  2. Author

    Abigail, thanks, it wasn’t really all that hard; well, Ryan did it all himself & he’s crafty (just like Steven)! I had fun picking out all the hardware for it!

  3. oh my gosh, I love this idea! now I want to make one as well!

  4. I was wondering if you can tell me how you attached the knob to the wood? I purchased some old door knobs and wanted to attach them to a wood strip to use for hanging scarves, hats, etc. I was on pinterest and found your pic. I hope you can offer some help. Thanks

  5. I drilled a hole in the wood and glued-in a small wooden peg that I could slip the door knob onto. To secure it there is a small screw underneath the stem on the knob that I screwed into the peg.

  6. Hello!

    I’m writing from SquareRooms, an interior design magazine in Singapore. We are really keen to feature this DIY, using old door knobs in our next issue, which is a new section looking at DIY stuff.

    Will this work for you? If so, could you send us the images for this DIY? Please let me know. You may contact me via the email I provided. Thanks very much!

    Pei Ying

  7. Could you post or email me a pic of the back please? Thanks!

  8. This is such a grand idea! I’ll be searching the yard sales for knobs to make my own! Thank you.

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