After a busy work week, we’ve had a fabulous, fun, & relaxing weekend! As I type this, the temperature is currently a glorious 67 degrees & sunny (with a high today of 79); I’m not going to talk about the fact that the high later this week will be back down in the 50’s, I’m just going to enjoy this weather today for what it is!

Yesterday, we took a lovely stroll to the grocery store with Melody & enjoyed the sun & the breeze & the robins singing everywhere. Although spring hasn’t hit us in full force yet, there are signs it will be here very soon; the trees are budding, the birds are singing, & today we are doing our first planting of the season! We’re starting with red & yellow onions, thyme, oregano, rosemary, & pansies. Once we’re out of the danger zone for frost overnight, we’ll be planting lettuce & the rest of our garden for the summer – which will include tomatoes, peppers, basil, nasturtium, etc.

We picked up the first of our plants & some soil at one of our favorite, local shops, Downtown Home & Garden, & Ryan whipped up some delicious blueberry banana smoothies for us.

Happy planting, spring is here…sort of…the sun is shining…& it’s gonna be a great day! And if that doesn’t make you  smile, maybe this will.




Melody 4-10-11

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