2012: Week 34

2012: Week 34
Boo boo

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2012: Week 33

4 kinds of mustard - 2 thumbs up!

2012: Week 33
4 kinds of mustard – 2 thumbs up!

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2012: Week 32

2012: Week 32
Peach party

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Going on 1

Little Averie is almost a year old – I know, where did the time go? We had fun doing a photo shoot with her this afternoon; she’s all smiles & it’s hard to keep up with her since she’s really moving now!

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Months ago, our friend Michael shared a dream with us…to make & eat a dessert version of a Turducken which he named a Coopieke. A Coopieke is a cookie inside of a pie inside of a cake. Michael celebrated his birthday with us last weekend and thus the dream was realized – we made him a Coopieke & it really was delicious!

We started with a large chocolate chip cookie, then we baked the pie crust separately and put together a no-bake chocolate pie which we layered the cookie inside of, then we baked a chocolate cake, cut the cake into layers, topped each layer with chocolate frosting, cut out the center to place the pie (or coo-pie, I guess I should say) inside, inserted the pie into the cake, & then frosted the whole thing with vanilla frosting. If you can’t decide if you’d rather have a cookie, pie, or cake, then just have all three!

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Fried Polenta with Garden Tomato Sauce

We’ve made some version of this many times before, but last weekend Ryan threw together a delicious version of this – adding his own variations of course – with a variety of tomatoes that came fresh from our garden & our friends’ Amanda & Andy’s garden as well. He added some fresh herbs from our garden, spices, & capers as well & we had one hell of a tasty sauce on our hands! I brought this to my fabulous friend Abigail’s baby shower last Sunday & enjoyed all the yummy eats that others brought to share as well.

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Things I would like to do, just for fun, but never seem to get around to actually doing all that often:

  • Bake and cook more – especially pie…something about baking a pie just seems so right to me and it reminds me of my Mema who I loved dearly. Speaking of pie, check this out!
  • Take more photos. I take a lot of photos (on my iPhone), but I’d like to spend more time learning the ins & outs of our Canon 5D Mark II & just becoming a better photographer in general. Practice makes perfect, right?
  • Read more books.
  • Watch classic movies. I’ve seen quite a few, but there are so many out there still to watch. Something about curling up on the couch & watching a classic movie always makes me feel good.
  • Learn to play chess well.

Perhaps by writing these down, it will inspire me to make them happen.

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He doesn’t believe in arriving fashionably late…

Ezra Leonard Mankouche (a.k.a. Momo) arrived early & attended his own baby shower – he’s healthy, handsome, so adorably tiny, & perfect! The shower was held at the lovely Pot & Box & hosted by several of Abigail’s equally lovely friends.

Shower guests brought a dish to share & it was quite the delectable feast – mimosas, homemade scones, muffins, fresh whipped cream, peach cupcakes (with our without hazelnuts), quiche, fried polenta with garden tomato sauce, etc. A craft station was set up for guests to write notes for a memory book for Abigail, Steven, & little Momo & we enjoyed using our creative abilities to design our own bibs & onesies for Momo too.

The weather was perfect, the decor & food were amazing, & who wouldn’t love being in a room filled with such fantastic people for such a fun occasion; congrats to Abigail & Steven on their beautiful baby boy!

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Flour Lab

My beautiful friend Jennifer was kind enough to bring me a very special treat from the Wednesday Ann Arbor Farmers Market earlier this week – a delicious (yes, it really did taste as good as it looked) chocolate mint baby bundt cake. The cake was topped with fresh blackberries & a chocolate covered mint leaf & the whole thing was divine! She said her friend at Flour Lab made it. I checked out their website & everything from the website, to the packaging, to the baked goods themselves is beautiful – a treat to not only my taste buds but to my eyes as well!

Oh yes, & I have to mention the fact that our dog, Melody, is over the moon for Jennifer. I’m pretty sure she gets more excited to see Jennifer than she does to see Ryan & I!

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2012: Week 31

2012: Week 31
Green Zebra

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