Months ago, our friend Michael shared a dream with us…to make & eat a dessert version of a Turducken which he named a Coopieke. A Coopieke is a cookie inside of a pie inside of a cake. Michael celebrated his birthday with us last weekend and thus the dream was realized – we made him a Coopieke & it really was delicious!

We started with a large chocolate chip cookie, then we baked the pie crust separately and put together a no-bake chocolate pie which we layered the cookie inside of, then we baked a chocolate cake, cut the cake into layers, topped each layer with chocolate frosting, cut out the center to place the pie (or coo-pie, I guess I should say) inside, inserted the pie into the cake, & then frosted the whole thing with vanilla frosting. If you can’t decide if you’d rather have a cookie, pie, or cake, then just have all three!

by Valerie | 08.19.12 | For Funsies, Recipes | No Comments »

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