New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year’s Eve! Although I find myself, for the second year in a row now, sick with a cold on New Year’s Eve, I vow to still make it a happy New Year’s Eve at that. In my coziest pj’s with my hot tea by my side, I will not let this cold beat me or dampen my spirits. Cheers & best wishes for a happy & healthy new year!

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Peppermint Patty Cupcakes

Here’s a bit of cupcake porn for those who read this blog. Just some simple easy to make minty, chocolatey chip-y, vegan, gluten-free cupcakes for you to enjoy.

The recipe follows Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s book Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World‘s basic chocolate cupcake recipe. Instead of regular flour substitute gluten-free all-purpose baking flour and a little extra tapioca flour (no more than a tablespoon). Go with the chocolate extract option for the additional extract and I also added a bit of mint extract (1/2 teaspoon) as well. For the icing I followed the directions for mint icing from the book but left out the green food coloring; I wanted to go for the classic peppermint look. Paint thin stripes of red gel food coloring inside a piping bag, 2-3 are all that is needed, then add the icing in to frost. Nothing fancy here other than a few simple substitutions.

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Christmas fettuccine

I am enjoying every minute of this joyous holiday season – holiday parties & get-togethers, delicious food & drink, & happy memories! We put together this “Christmas fettuccine” for a potluck & it was easy with only a few ingredients; I think it looks very festive with its red & green ingredients. We used al dente fiesta fettuccine, shallots, garlic, 2 packages of frozen spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, & salt & pepper to taste. Happy holidays!

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2012: Week 50

2012: Week 50
Gonna be a bright, sunshiny day

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2012: Week 49

2012: Week 49
Baruch atah Adonai, Eloheinu Melech Ha-Olam…

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the rummy tum tum

Behold the new holiday drink: THE RUMMY TUM TUM. We had a whole bunch of rum we inherited from bygone parties and we are not really rum drinkers so Ryan decided he wanted to use some of it. Hot buttered rum didn’t sound appealing to him and he had the idea of only using ingredients we had on hand, or “McGyver-ing,” to make the drink.  With what was in our fridge and pantry he came up with this nifty little cocktail for your holiday needs.

Pictured above is the beautiful Mrs. Reedy enjoying a rummy tum tum and looking festive and fabulous as usual!


  • 1 egg white
  • 1/2 cup cider
  • 1 tbsp dark rum
  • 1 tbsp light rum
  • 1 tbsp 151 (rum)
  • 1 1/2 tbsp rye whiskey
  • the juice of 3-4 slices from a mandarin orange
  • a dash of cinnamon
  • a little fresh grated nutmeg
  • a dash of ginger
  • twist of orange peel and cinnamon stick for garnish, and maybe another little bit of nutmeg

In a shaker add all of the ingredients (except the garnish of course). Shake well without any ice. Add a few cubes of ice and shake again. Pour into a glass. Garnish and enjoy.

Thanks to the mix masters at Bar at Braun Court for the suggestion of adding citrus and dry shaking the ingredients before adding ice and shaking again.

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Festive fun with fine friends

We’ve come up with the tradition of kicking off the holiday party season by having a small group of friends over for a secret santa gift exchange in early December & it’s something I look forward to every year. This year we enjoyed hosting the party in our new home – complete with a fire & a big tree decorated for Christmas with pretty ornaments & lights – which made it even more special to me.

We are blessed to have such wonderful friends in our lives; I am so thankful for them as they warm our home with their presence & our hearts with their friendship. Happy holidays to you & yours!

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Reply hazy, try again

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2012: Week 48

2012: Week 48
Breakfast weather patterns

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