Signs of life

It hasn’t been warm enough for our Forsythia in the yard to actually bloom yet so I treated myself to some locally-grown stems for the house; nice to have it look like spring is in full-bloom inside at least. I have been excited to see things changing outside too…slowly it feels, but changing to spring nonetheless. Our lilac bushes, among others, are forming sweet little buds which I can’t wait to see bloom!

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Spring thinking

It’s still snowing out…it is only early March, after all, so that’s not surprising. As it is now officially March, although it isn’t officially spring, we have reached the time on the calendar that we can call a spring month. I particularly love bringing spring flowers into our home this time of year when it still looks nothing like spring outside – take that, winter! For your viewing enjoyment, take a look at these lovely, pale pink tulips, Iron Cross Oxalis, & Easter candy (I can’t resist M&Ms in pastel colors & those little Cadbury mini eggs).

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