Garden boxing

When we closed on our house last May, the backyard looked like the picture on the left & needed quite a bit of weeding & some clean up. Yes, that weed is about as tall as me! After a lot of hard work last weekend, it now looks like the picture on the right.

We were so busy sprucing up the inside that we didn’t have much time to focus on the outside last year; although we did plant some things in beds around the house, which I am so happy to see are all coming back & looking good (japanese painted fern, hosta, little lime hydrangea, euonymus), we are focusing more on our outdoor space this spring.

We’ve done some weeding (which never ends, of course), mowing, laying down mulch, etc. And Ryan built 3 more garden boxes, bringing our total to 4 large garden boxes now. Several trips to various hardware/garden supply stores, 22 bags of pea gravel, 18 pavers, deck screws, cedar lumber, penofin green, 16 large casters, mesh to line bottom of boxes, garden soil, plants…and we’ve now come to this…a big improvement, I think! We’ve still got more to plant, but it’s a great start to a fantastic summer garden.

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