Weekend fun

Our weekend was full of yard work, house cleaning, gardening (I pulled lots of green beans, tomatoes, onions, and some jalapeno and red peppers – enough to fill up a large colander), and bowling with friends. I have really enjoyed putting together mini flower arrangements in the house with things from our garden this summer – like nasturtium, marigolds, zinnias, hydrangea, coleus, and this purple basil in the photo below; not only does the purple basil look beautiful, it smells great too.

If you haven’t been to Chela’s in Ann Arbor and you’re looking for some tasty Mexican food, do yourself a favor and give this place a try – yum! Why are the Whole Foods cupcakes so good? I can’t resist them.

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Thinking about…

…how I love this sweet little girl who has the greatest hair on the planet, the most delightful laugh, and the most excellent parents! She also puts diapers on her bunnies and makes Duck a l’Orange (with egg and lamb) in her play kitchen. Is it just me, or does that duck look worried?

This last week was a hard one for me. We are saying happy trails to some very dear friends of ours as they move away; we are so happy for them and their opportunity, but are heartbroken to see them go. As we have no family in Michigan ourselves, our friends have become our family here. Here’s to friends, family, friends who are like family, and diaper bunnies everywhere!

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Fear not

Our sweet dog, Melody, gets 4 out of 4 stars when it comes to being cute and generally sweet and good-tempered. However, she has many strange fears and she seems to be adding new ones to her list as she gets older (her getting older is something I don’t want to think about, of course – we love her and have enjoyed her company for the past 12 years now and I can’t imagine not having her in our lives). She is afraid of water (she hates baths and don’t even try to get her into a pool, river, stream, lake, ocean, etc.), cords/cables in general (she won’t even step over them if they’re laying flat on the floor), she has developed a strange fear of her own water bowl, and she doesn’t like to come into our kitchen (maybe because that’s where her water bowl is?) or the basement, etc. 

I am not afraid of heights in general, but something about a tall flight of stairs frightens me a little (says the person who has ridden roller coasters and stepped out onto the glass overlook at the Chicago Skydeck at 103 stories and 1,353 feet in the air); I don’t think it’s so much the height itself but more the feeling of possibly being unstable at that height that scares me – luckily this is a fear that hasn’t gotten the best of me as I can and do still take the stairs. What are your fears and how do you overcome them?

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Weekend (work) fun

We had a busy weekend with a little fun in between; beautiful weather and fun with friends on Friday and Saturday, complete with a fabulous, double birthday celebration, garden cocktail party (where I finally found a reason to debut this fun party dress) along with some shoe molding installation and trim paint in our house mixed in. It feels so great to be wrapping up some of the finishing touches and make our house feel polished and pretty. Ryan made these delicious banana nutella crepes for brunch on Sunday and we picked more heirloom tomatoes and hydrangeas from our garden.

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Matthaei Botanical Gardens

I had the pleasure of visiting the Matthaei Botanical Gardens this week. It wasn’t my first time enjoying the space, but I hadn’t been in some time and every time I visit I am reminded of how much I love it there – I can’t help but leave with a wonderful sense of calm about me. As it was raining out, we stuck to the indoor, conservatory portion only; the conservatory is divided into three different zones – tropical, temperate, and arid. They are all lovely, but I am drawn to the Arid House as it reminds me of Texas and I have always loved succulents. They have a pretty impressive, variegated century plant which is over 70 years old too.

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Weekend fun

We had perfect weather in Ann Arbor last weekend. It wasn’t hot and there was a cool breeze, blue skies, sunshine, and the fluffy, white clouds were lovely. We took advantage of the weather and enjoyed a game of mini golf with friends. Fun in the sun!

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Saturday haps

It is a glorious day out and my “little lime” hydrangeas are blooming! Also, more ripe tomatoes to pick and enjoy. And a fun walk to the park with this cute little girl who has the most beautiful blue eyes, blond curls, and sweetly answers “yeah” so matter-of-factly in the most adorable way…

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