All Hallows’ Eve

Happy Halloween! We had a great time carving pumpkins with friends last night. Our neighborhood is a bit of a maze, we live in a cul-de-sac, and it’s supposed to rain all day today – but I’m hopeful that none of this will deter trick-or-treaters from our house. We bought lots of candy and carved 8 pumpkins, most of which are directional arrows to encourage trick-or-treaters to stop by our place tonight. I’m crossing my fingers.

I also made seasoned, toasted pumpkin seeds for the first time and I think they turned out pretty good; I don’t know why I’ve never done that before as it wasn’t too hard (just takes time to separate seeds from the pumpkin guts) – I just rinsed the seeds, patted them dry, placed them on a baking sheet, tossed them in olive oil, sprinkled Miracle Blend seasoning on top, and let them toast up in the oven (oven set to 300) until they looked/tasted done.

Have you seen today’s Halloween-themed Google doodle?

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