We picked up this beauty at the local farmer’s market – I really enjoy having a fresh, evergreen wreath on our front door during the winter months. I was also admiring some beautiful, evergreen trees in the sunlight on our neighborhood walk this morning to a nearby park.

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Giving thanks…

…for family and friends, for our dog Melody (she’s so cute it hurts), for good food, for our beautiful home, and for my amazing husband – who is a great cook, is always easy on the eyes, who lets me put my cold feet on him when I first get into bed to help warm them up, has a wonderful sense of humor, and who happily makes me lattes whenever I ask him to.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving brunch with friends and a quiet, relaxing Thanksgiving dinner at home with just Ryan, Melody, and me. Deviled eggs was the first thing we made, followed by pumpkin pie (which is a long, sad story – but it’s ok because we bought one from the store today to make up for it), bourbon whipped cream, fresh cranberry sauce, brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, gravy, and turkey. On the floor, under a blanket, by the fire is where I found myself falling asleep early in the evening, with Ryan and Melody by my side.

We served our deviled eggs on a lovely Russel Wright piece. I really love Russel Wright serving dishes; they are so simple with beautiful, muted colors – we’ve picked up a few in recent years at garage sales and resale shops.  I think it made my deviled eggs look extra sexy – well, as sexy as deviled eggs can look, I suppose.

Today, Ryan made me waffles with fresh apple compote for breakfast and we took a walk to a nearby park with Melody. Later, we’ll enjoy some Thanksgiving leftovers and I’m sure to find myself by the fire,  under a blanket again, likely watching some holiday movies.

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42 years and counting

Happy 42nd anniversary, to my Mom and Dad; you two are 42 kinds of wonderful!

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Are you ready for Thanksgivingukkah?

I like the idea of sleeping in on the weekends, but sometimes, despite my best efforts, that doesn’t always happen – nevertheless, I take joy in the fact that I have the option if I want to. Although, it’s also nice to wake up early and get a lot done and still feel like you have the whole day ahead of you. Today we woke up earlier and got lots done; including visiting 3 different grocery stores, among other places as we ran errands, and picking up a few supplies for our Thanksgiving dinner.

As you may have heard, for the first time in 125 years, the first night of Hanukkah will overlap with Thanksgiving – making it referred to by some as “Thanksgivingukkah”. As a person who absolutely finds the term “shooties” (yes, this is a real thing and I didn’t make it up – it’s a woman’s ankle-high bootlike shoe) annoying as all get out, I actually find the term “Thanksgivingukkah” fun. Maybe it’s because I love holidays and the idea of two combined seems like an extra dose of awesome to me. We are having a more traditional Thanksgiving menu (I’ve seen some weird…I mean “interesting” menus out there, in honor of Thanksgivingukkah), but will light our Menorah in honor of Hanukkah that night as well.

I enjoyed putting together a couple of flower arrangements with rose hips and alstroemeria – which we’ll enjoy on our Thanksgivingukkah table. My mother-in-law gave us this beautiful crystal vase below so it seems extra special and appropriate for the holiday. Here’s wishing you a very happy Thanksgivingukkah!

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Mums the word

Ryan brought home these beautiful mums, which I happily placed in a stoneware container my mother-in-law had given us, and they look so cheery on our coffee table. I noticed these delicious little satsumas displayed front and center at the grocery store and had to take some home with me. Also, I treated myself to these fun boot socks. Ryan cleaned our gutters and collected leaves from the yard yesterday – 12 yard waste bags and one full compost bin later, the yard looks much better!

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Christmas music? It’s barely November.

I noticed when shopping in a particular store last week that they were playing Christmas music over the speaker system. Christmas music? It’s barely November. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas; in fact, it happens to be my favorite holiday. Personally, I think that the day after Thanksgiving is fair game for any/all Christmas music, movies, decorations, etc. to come out in their full and festive glory. However, before then I feel we shouldn’t steal Thanksgiving’s thunder. It is, after all, an important holiday too.

I do feel that preparing Christmas lists and shopping for Christmas gifts before Thanksgiving is appropriate though. I actually feel a little stressed every year when it gets to be the day after Thanksgiving and I’ve done little to no Christmas shopping; so much to do with so little time, if you know what I mean. Which is why when I did get a start to some of my Christmas holiday planning last weekend I felt really good about it; I designed and ordered our holiday cards online here and ordered a fresh, boxwood wreath here.

Pictured above is Ryan in a Beardo, which my wonderful brother and sister-in-law sent us as a Christmas gift last year. Note to self: Don’t let the stress of the holidays get to you – remember to have fun with it!

I may or may not have gotten sucked into a cheesy Christmas movie on Lifetime last weekend…I’ll never tell.

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Fall walks in our neighborhood

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