What’s a Zebu?

We had a fun, busy, Christmasy weekend. We kicked off our weekend with some Midnight Madness fun in downtown Ann Arbor to finish up our Christmas shopping and we stopped into the Old German for a drink and to share their delicious, baked soft pretzels with spicy mustard and cheddar fondue. Downtown Home and Garden had a petting zoo for the weekend, complete with alpaca, goats, sheep, a donkey, and a zebu. The zebu had the best eyelashes! I wanted to get a good picture of the zebu, but it didn’t want to pose for me – oh well, you know how zebus can be. We hosted a holiday brunch at our home on Sunday and really enjoyed having everyone over and sharing such delicious food with friends; Ezra (who shares my love for strawberries – in fact, I’m pretty sure he loves them even more than I do) even showed me the proper way to patty-cake – thanks, Ezra! During our brunch, the snow started to fall outside (it really was perfect timing) and 3 different groups of friends at the brunch were heading directly from our place to pick out their Christmas trees.

by Valerie | 12.09.13 | Around town, For Funsies, Holidaze | 1 Comment »


  1. abigail says;

    we must have just missed you at DTH&G! Ezra was in love with that Zebu. Called him Cow Doggie.
    All three of us had such a great time at brunch. Ezra especially.
    Now that you’ve restarted it, we need to keep this tradition going :)

    20:01 | 12.09.13

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