That’s “What Would Jean Do?” We recently spent about 11 beautiful days up in North/Northwest Michigan, near Traverse City; I was lucky enough to tag along as Ryan taught an EMU class there at the Parsons Center for Arts and Sciences. Pictured above is a fun little piece Ryan created as a nod to the late Jean Noble Parsons; I think she’d be pleased to see this displayed in her home and it certainly made me smile. There is something so calming and so peaceful about that place…once you get over the fact that cell service and internet service are just about impossible, you really begin to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds you – the sound of loons on the lake, the variety of multi-colored stones in the creek bed and on the lake shores, the opening and closing of the water lilies just off the dock every morning and afternoon, the sound of the cicadas humming in the heat of the day… It’s a place that definitely inspires! Just take a look at this image below (and listen to this).

Bellows Lake, Parsons
Bellows Lake, Parsons

I even worked up the courage to get into a rowboat with Ryan and out on the lake while we were there; ever since “the incident”, as I’ll refer to it (that one time, years ago, when we got in a canoe together on the last day of the season in the fall and I managed to tip us over into FREEZING cold water while wearing jeans and a sweatshirt), I have avoided getting into any sort of canoe/kayak/rowboat – so that was a pretty big deal! And I even enjoyed it! I left my phone safely on land…just in case…but Ryan wasn’t afraid, so he brought his and managed to snap this photo of me.

#imonaboat #puremichigan

We enjoyed a trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes and Glen Haven, with the class. And we wrapped up our trip with one last, personal day in Traverse City and visited a few wineries in the area; ending the day with watching the sunset over the Bay in TC was a highlight for me (video here). You can view more photos and videos of our trip here.

he’s a perfect 10, no doubt about it #perfect10
Glen Haven
Traverse City, Lake Michigan

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