Welcome to imjustdoingthisthing—a blog that we’ll (Ryan and Valerie Molloy) update periodically with what’s going on in our lives (thoughts, news, photos, recipes, etc.); we hope you enjoy browsing what we post here & find our content useful & interesting/entertaining.

Why imjustdoingthisthing? A close friend of ours told us a story of her 3-year old nephew in which her nephew when caught doing things he shouldn’t be doing (in the story this included pooping in his diaper) would reply “I… I… I’m just doing this thing.” While this blog is certainly not necessarily about doing things we shouldn’t be, it seemed an appropriate title for a blog about the day in and day out of growing up, building a career, making mistakes, and just having fun. And sure at some point in time there may be a post about pooping in one’s pants (kids, Depends, who knows), but we’ll just have to see.

We asked our dog Melody to join in the fun, but she didn’t want to learn how to type or use the computer for that matter. It seems she is more interested in licking herself  and sniffing dog butt than learning the joys of the internet.

If you don’t know who we are and somehow stumbled upon this site, we live in Ann Arbor, MI, work at Eastern Michigan University and University of Michigan. We’re originally from Texas, Val’s from Gatesville, Ryan’s from El Paso, and we met in Lubbock. Likely by reading this blog you’ll be able to figure out more about us.

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