It’s coming along nicely! Yesterday, I pulled all the lettuce & cut back all the herbs. Today, I was delighted to be able to pick quite a few beans. When I was a little girl, my parents had a garden in their backyard & they grew beans; my Mom saidContinue Reading

When we closed on our house last May, the backyard looked like the picture on the left & needed quite a bit of weeding & some clean up. Yes, that weed is about as tall as me! After a lot of hard work last weekend, it now looks like theContinue Reading

To my delight, our house came with two beautiful lilac bushes in the backyard – 1 white & 1 pale purple – which I’d never seen bloom until this spring as they’d already bloomed & gone before we moved in last June. I just cut some & put them inContinue Reading

Admittedly, we’ve been a little busy with our new house & have neglected our garden this year compared to past years. But, we’ve still had the good fortune of enjoying some fresh herbs & vegetables. Just look at these beauties we harvested from our garden…