Our garden definitely has on it’s “big girl pants”, as I like to say, & we picked several tomatoes, peppers, onions, & strawberries from it today.  Our pansies were growing up too tall & getting unruly, so we replaced them with Lantana & Sedum & it looks great for aContinue Reading

Our garden is coming along nicely; most of our lettuce is over & done with, but we’re thinking of possibly planting more as there’s still enough time to get another crop in we think. Our tomatoes & peppers are really starting to come in & we’re hoping they get bigContinue Reading

We had our first good harvest from our patio garden on Memorial Day & made an impressive salad with the lettuce, nasturtium, parsley, & green onions we pulled. We also picked several strawberries & a big handful of fresh garden mint & orange mint. It’s so rewarding to say “weContinue Reading

We enjoyed a fun weekend & some lovely spring weather! There’s a reason they say “April showers bring May flowers” - the world around us is finally, really turning green again; the trees, shrubs, & flowers are blooming &, most importantly for us, our garden is coming to life! The onions we planted several weeks ago haveContinue Reading