Winter can’t stop me from attempting to garden. With the help of “the sun” and oddly quite a few days of sun this winter we’ve been able to grow limes like a mo-fo. It looks like I have successfully tricked our lime tree, Captain Sunshine, into thinking that it isContinue Reading

We did some cleaning up in our patio garden today & I found lots of tomatillo pods that had fallen off of our hanging tomatillo plant. I thought they looked delicate & beautiful & I knew I had to snap a picture! And our friend Amy was kind of enoughContinue Reading

Behold, the fruits of our labor; harvested today, fresh from our very own garden – limes, herbs (basil, mint, & parsley), nasturtium, red onions, tomatoes, & peppers!

Ah, how far we’ve come… This is how our little garden began & this is how it looks today! We’ve really enjoyed growing our own herbs, fruits, & vegetables & Ryan has been great about keeping up the watering (which needs to be done almost daily to keep the tomatoesContinue Reading

Ryan built this awesome planter box a couple weekends ago from cedar, it’s on wheels/casters, & has rope pulls which make it movable – it’s pretty great! So, now that it’s warming up & safe to plant, we had the pleasure of picking out what we’d like in our firstContinue Reading

We spent last Sunday cleaning up our patio & it looks really nice! We had some plants that had seen better days & needed to be tossed & we also planted some new plants or replanted & cleaned out ones we’ve had that needed a little TLC. It took longerContinue Reading