What’s a Zebu?

We had a fun, busy, Christmasy weekend. We kicked off our weekend with some Midnight Madness fun in downtown Ann Arbor to finish up our Christmas shopping and we stopped into the Old German for a drink and to share their delicious, baked soft pretzels with spicy mustard and cheddar fondue. Downtown Home and Garden had a petting zoo for the weekend, complete with alpaca, goats, sheep, a donkey, and a zebu. The zebu had the best eyelashes! I wanted to get a good picture of the zebu, but it didn’t want to pose for me – oh well, you know how zebus can be. We hosted a holiday brunch at our home on Sunday and really enjoyed having everyone over and sharing such delicious food with friends; Ezra (who shares my love for strawberries – in fact, I’m pretty sure he loves them even more than I do) even showed me the proper way to patty-cake – thanks, Ezra! During our brunch, the snow started to fall outside (it really was perfect timing) and 3 different groups of friends at the brunch were heading directly from our place to pick out their Christmas trees.

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Fear not

Our sweet dog, Melody, gets 4 out of 4 stars when it comes to being cute and generally sweet and good-tempered. However, she has many strange fears and she seems to be adding new ones to her list as she gets older (her getting older is something I don’t want to think about, of course – we love her and have enjoyed her company for the past 12 years now and I can’t imagine not having her in our lives). She is afraid of water (she hates baths and don’t even try to get her into a pool, river, stream, lake, ocean, etc.), cords/cables in general (she won’t even step over them if they’re laying flat on the floor), she has developed a strange fear of her own water bowl, and she doesn’t like to come into our kitchen (maybe because that’s where her water bowl is?) or the basement, etc. 

I am not afraid of heights in general, but something about a tall flight of stairs frightens me a little (says the person who has ridden roller coasters and stepped out onto the glass overlook at the Chicago Skydeck at 103 stories and 1,353 feet in the air); I don’t think it’s so much the height itself but more the feeling of possibly being unstable at that height that scares me – luckily this is a fear that hasn’t gotten the best of me as I can and do still take the stairs. What are your fears and how do you overcome them?

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Dog days of summer

Happy Summer Solstice 2013! The weather has been pleasant this June in Michigan and our hottest days of summer are still to come of course. Because I love dogs and summer is pretty great too, here are some images for your viewing pleasure…

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We were able to get back home to Texas to visit family last week, which was wonderful! We stopped at some delicious restaurants and fun attractions along our way (Chuy’s, Rudy’s BBQ, Dr. Pepper Museum, etc.) and we had some fun with taking these photos

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2012: Week 21

2012: Week 21
Wobbly Bob basks

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2012: Week 18

2012: Week 18
Meet Ethel

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365 – Day 361

365 – Day 361

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365 – Day 298

365 – Day 298

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365 – Day 214

365 – Day 214

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365 – Day 206

365 – Day 206

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