Anniversary eats

On January 13th, we began the celebration of our 12th anniversary with brunch & ended it with an equally delicious dessert. We ventured out for dinner at a new restaurant in downtown A2 & were not disappointed – Vellum was a treat for the taste-buds!

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This Sunday, January 13th, we celebrate our 12th anniversary! I’ll keep this short and sweet… I love my husband more than I could ever express, life is good, and here’s to happiness, love, laughter, and another amazing year ahead and many more to come!

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365 – Day 325

365 – Day 325

Anniversary dinner at Grange.

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To quote Buddy The Elf, “I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it!” Today, Ryan & I celebrate our 11th anniversary (that’s undecimus, in Latin). We’re planning on a nice dinner at Grange & a relaxing weekend.

Did you know the traditional gift for 11th anniversaries is steel? Corny line alert…get ready for it…here it comes… Ryan, you “steel” my heart & I “steel” love you more & more each day!

Photos by Hillebrand Photography

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Weekend fun (belated)

Cinco de Mayo

This post is belated, but I had to share some of the fun we had several weeks ago at our Cinco de Mayo (or Cinco de Seis as we jokingly called it) party on May 6th. We enjoyed (as has become a tradition in our house for Cinco de Mayo) amazing food, wonderful friends, & a really great time! Ryan made some really delicious vegan taco meat, grilled veggies, homemade salsa, taco sauce, guacamole, & margaritas & many others brought wonderful dishes to share too.


And on Sunday, May 8th we enjoyed a delicious brunch & enjoyed celebrating our dear friends Jen & Walter’s 1 year anniversary. They shared a slice of their yummy cake with us too – love & cake, what’s not to love!


And Melody was there, looking cute as always…


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Hillebrand Photography


Remember this? Then you should really check out thisJen & Gabe did a fantastic job, as usual, & took some really fun photos of our event – which is fitting since it was a really fun night!

Note: The photo above was not taken by Jen or Gabe – their photos were much better!

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Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999


Ryan & I had a wonderful anniversary party on Saturday, January 15th to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary with our friends & it was a blast! Although we were both (& are both still) on antibiotics for a sinus infection, we had a great time dancing & laughing with some of our best friends.

Anniversary Party

We are so blessed to be surrounded by such amazingly talented, kind people & are lucky enough to have a close relationship with them as dear friends too. Abigail made a beautiful & delicious recreation of our wedding cake (white cake with pineapple filling, butter cream icing, & fresh berries on top) & she made carrot cake cupcakes which was what we had for our groom’s cake (vegan & gluten free at that!) for the party. Everyone brought delicious food & drinks to share; Jen & Walter brought a huge, hand-sculpted tin foil swan filled with veggies & dip & our gift was wrapped up inside many layers of tin foil (since the 10th anniversary gift is traditionally tin/aluminum), how creative! Jennifer & Gabe, who just so happen to be professional photographers, brought their camera & took lots of great photos. One of Ryan’s very talented grad students, Erik, brought his DJ equipment & had us dancing all night; we ended the night with Prince’s 1999! Lisa Waud, of Pot & Box, did the flowers for our event – we also held the party at Pot & Box.

To top it all off, our dear friends Mo & Adrian flew up to visit with us just for the party all the way from Vegas & it was wonderful to have them here to celebrate with us; they were in our wedding 10 years ago too, which made it really special! They were pretty worried about the cold, being from El Paso & living in Vegas now, but they survived & as Mo said to me, “-2 (which was the temp at one point over the weekend!) = love.” We love them for suffering through the MI cold to spend the weekend with us!

Thanks to everyone who’s supported & loved us these past 10 years of our marriage & I am so looking forward to many wonderful years filled with many wonderful memories to come!


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Ryan & Val

As of today, January 13, 2011, Ryan & I have been married for a decade; 10 years seem to have flown by & I couldn’t be happier! Tonight, we’ll be celebrating by treating ourselves to a nice dinner out at Eve & we’ve planned an anniversary party to celebrate with our friends this weekend. I look forward to many more decades married to the love of my life!

Ryan & Val

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