weekend haps

basement stairsI’m so excited to say that we’ve now completed our basement stair beautification project…at least that’s what I’m going to call it. The red oak wood stain on the treads and Benjamin Moore super white paint really made a big difference; I’d say they have come a long way from this to this and this. I was so happy about it, when we finished painting yesterday, that I kept saying we had “sexy stairs”. Now, hopefully in the next couple months, we can finish having work done to our basement, get all the walls painted white, and say goodbye to the mint chocolate chip green color that’s currently in the space. We managed to make it to the Art Fair last weekend, picked our first four ripe tomatoes from the garden, and I cut some hosta leaves and hydrangea from our yard as well to enjoy inside – enjoying the summer weather and our summer garden/yard! (bowl and vase by Abigail Murray) first 4 ripe garden tomatoes of the season (bowl by @abigailmurraystudio)!

hosta & hydrangea from our yard & vase by @abigailmurraystudio

garden goodies & vase/bowl by @abigailmurraystudio

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weekend haps

Drawing Rally

We started our weekend with the MOCAD Monster Drawing Rally on Friday night, which Ryan participated in. And Sunday was a flurry of Christmas shopping and Christmas present wrapping for us; Ryan kept saying, “How did it get to be [insert time here]?!?” We still haven’t made that peppermint bark we bought everything to make weekend before last. But we did get our gifts all wrapped and boxed up to ship out, which was a task in itself. Our trip to the office supply store for shipping materials devolved into me laughing uncontrollably in the middle of the aisle as I mispronounced packing peanuts in Spanish (“cacahuete”) while an employee asked us if we needed any help; do I need any help…yes, I think I was way past the point of helping at that moment! By the end of the weekend, I think we all felt like Melody in the photo below…with my sock placed on top of her head (not that she seems to notice or mind). I’m looking forward to settling down for a long winter’s nap myself soon!


Put a sock on it!

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Home Sweet Home

Last week, we enjoyed an art show at the Ann Arbor Arts Center – complete with work by our pals Jason Ferguson and Michael Reedy – rainy, fall weather, another win for Texas Tech (7-0!), and we’re noticing some Halloween decorations going up around town. I’m not sure how it’s already late October and why time seems to be moving at a faster pace every year… Seriously, what’s up with that?

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Garage rainbows

I noticed this rainbow on the wall of our garage; the sunlight was catching the reflector on one of our bikes and the result was this lovely little splash of color on our red brick – how delightful, right? Texas Tech pulled out another win against TCU this week, which makes them 3-0 and makes us happy to be watching college football with a winning team. The weather has been a little odd this week – the high was in the mid-90’s earlier this week and is only 60 today. Last night was absolutely lovely though; cool breeze with cooler temps blowing in, I enjoyed a nice glass of wine, and we had the pleasure of attending a reception for “SightSee: Colin Blakely & Amy Sacksteder” at the Ann Arbor Art Center – great show, beautiful work, and always wonderful to see friends. I think our friends‘ baby (who, by the way, is the most beautiful baby boy I’ve ever laid eyes on in my entire life) summed it up when he said, “Ooooooo, art!” And Melody just won’t stop being ridiculously cute, seriously.

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2012: Week 17

2012: Week 17

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365 – Day 241

365 – Day 241

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365 – Day 221

365 – Day 221

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365 – Day 174

365 – Day 174

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EMU Art Department Annual Faculty Exhibition, Part II

EMU Art Faculty Show

Beautiful & interesting work at the EMU Art Department Annual Faculty Exhibition, Part 2! Pictured above is the work of Brooks Stevens & pictured below is the work of Amy Sacksteder.

You can see more photos from the installation here. Come check it out in person at the opening reception on Wednesday, March 23 from 4-7pm.

EMU Art Faculty Show

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Weekend fun

3's company

We started the weekend with dinner out on the town & headed to the LLIC silent auction at Vault of Midnight, where we got our hands “stamped” with smiley faces.

Luchadore thumb wrestlers

Saturday we had breakfast with friends & enjoyed a luchadore thumb wrestling match while we waited for a table, then headed to wait in a really long line at the Arborland Borders to take advantage of their store closing sale, played with some adorable rescue puppies who were up for adoption at PetCo (I almost walked away with one…I was this close…), & ended the day enjoying dinner & drinks at the home of our Irreverent Vegan pals where we cooked down a delicious Mexican feast.

8/52 The View From Here by valatal

Also, Amy gave me this gorgeous, rose colored, antique mirror – which I’m super excited about finding the perfect spot for in our home! And I picked up some lovely P&B flowers to bring a little spring into our home (it’s snowing outside…again…and just when we though things were looking up with 50 degree weather on Friday).


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