feeling fall

new sofa - sunshine - late afternoon

This week really began to feel like fall, with the cooler temps; I welcomed my favorite season by lighting a fire in our fireplace and enjoying a hot cup of fresh apple cider. Today we made veggie chili – it’s been simmering on the stove all afternoon and will be perfect for dinner tonight. I picked up some lovely orange mums and these dahlias pictured below. And we got this great new (vintage) sofa, which you can see a bit of in the photo above; it’s a perfect match to our existing chairs and will be nice to have some extra, comfy seating in our front room. The light is so beautiful in the late afternoon in there…


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Mums the word

Ryan brought home these beautiful mums, which I happily placed in a stoneware container my mother-in-law had given us, and they look so cheery on our coffee table. I noticed these delicious little satsumas displayed front and center at the grocery store and had to take some home with me. Also, I treated myself to these fun boot socks. Ryan cleaned our gutters and collected leaves from the yard yesterday – 12 yard waste bags and one full compost bin later, the yard looks much better!

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Fall walks in our neighborhood

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Home Sweet Home

Last week, we enjoyed an art show at the Ann Arbor Arts Center – complete with work by our pals Jason Ferguson and Michael Reedy – rainy, fall weather, another win for Texas Tech (7-0!), and we’re noticing some Halloween decorations going up around town. I’m not sure how it’s already late October and why time seems to be moving at a faster pace every year… Seriously, what’s up with that?

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golden afternoon

We enjoyed a beautiful hike in the Pinckney Wilderness Area on Friday afternoon. It was a perfect, fall day and the light was pretty amazing as we wove in between the trees within the wooded hiking trails. At one point on the trail, when we crossed over a bridge, we came across some kayakers who were also taking advantage of the gorgeous weather with their adorable dog at the helm.

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Weekend update

It’s glorious fall weather here this week and even with the rainy, cloudy day last Sunday I appreciated that it really felt like fall. We met a friend for brunch on Sunday and enjoyed catching up – sometimes you have to remind yourself to stop and smell the roses with your peeps…even when everyone is busy.

I also enjoyed dining at The Lunch Room for the first time (since they moved into a permanent space in Kerrytown), followed by an extra delicious latte at Mighty Good Coffee. I thought it was fun how, instead of using a number for your table, The Lunch Room uses images (like a bird, a stand mixer, etc.) so they can bring out your delicious plate of goodness to the right table when it’s ready.

This is what our walks with Melody in our neighborhood look like this week…I know…crazy gorgeous, right?!?

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The weather is just starting to really turn and it’s felt like fall in the air this week. The leaves are beginning to change and, I’ll say it again, it’s my favorite season. We switched out our bedding to this beautiful gray silk channel quilt and shams (bonus, it looks great with our Revere Pewter walls) with fisherman knit pillows thrown on as well; it’s cozy and feels great to the touch – and now I will admit that I have a thing for really good bedding, mixing beautiful fabrics and textures in just the right colors, it just feels right to me. And I’m still enjoying that fresh, hot apple cider. Cheers to fall!

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The woods are golden

We had a weekend getaway in Lake Ann, MI last weekend & the scenery was breathtaking! Much of the fall color is on its way out there, but the woods were beautifully golden. The misty morning on Saturday, crunch of leaves under our feet, bright green moss and evergreen needles, & glimpses of beautiful blue lake water couldn’t have been more perfect.

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2012: Week 45

2012: Week 45
And the word of the day is…debut, kith, birthright

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All Hallows’ Eve eve

Happy All Hallows’ Eve eve to you all! In preparation for Halloween, we carved 4 pumpkins – well, by “we” I should clarify that I mean mostly Ryan & I helped with one of the jack-o-lantern faces. He did these fun, two-sided pumpkins – one side spells out “trick or treat” & the other side is full of smiling jack-o-lantern faces.

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