marvelous mitzvah

El Paso - early summer 2014

The photo above is a view of the Franklin Mountains from Temple Mount Sinai, in El Paso, TX, where we enjoyed a wonderful long weekend with family, celebrating my mother-in-law’s and Ryan’s Aunt’s (and 4 others in their group) b’nai mitzvah. It was great to get back to Texas too, but I didn’t miss that blazing hot summer heat – the high in El Paso yesterday was listed at 108! After a very long, very cold winter here though, I must admit that the warmth of the sun and that blue Texas sky were a sight for sore eyes. Even some of the plants look like they’re on fire; we saw lots of cactus, lantana, and this plant in the photo below (anyone know what this is?) all over the place there.

El Paso - early summer 2014

And a trip to Texas is never complete without some Texas BBQ and cold, Texas beer to wash it down with – thank you Rudy’s BBQ! You can browse more photos from our trip here.

Rudy's BBQ

Rudy's BBQ

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Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso

We flew to El Paso, TX for our Christmas holiday to spend time with family. It was nice to get some sunshine and some warm weather for a change! Unfortunately, all of us were sick for some portion of the Christmas vacation, but we are all finally feeling better and on the mend. Despite our under-the-weatherness, we were able to visit some of our favorite spots and do some of our favorite things while visiting – including eating some delicious Mexican food, a visit to Old Mesilla, Whooppee Bowl antique mall, and seeing some dear friends. Tomorrow, we head back to A2 – where the forecast calls for a high of 21 and snow. I haven’t had to wear my coat, hat, or gloves since we arrived in El Paso 10 days ago, but I’ll have them ready for when we land tomorrow. Happy New Year’s Eve eve!

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Small town and countryside

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Beautiful Bat Mitvah

We had the pleasure of traveling back home to Texas in June to visit family and for Abby’s Bat Mitvah. It was really wonderful to visit with family and enjoy all the festivities. And Tina did an amazing job with the desserts and display for the reception! Thank you to Abby, Debbie, and Steve for letting us be a part of Abby’s Bat Mitvah; we love you all and are thrilled to see Abby growing into the beautiful, young woman that she has become.

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TX style

I’m going to take this moment to admit that I have a special place in my heart for Big Red and Rudy’s “Bar-B-Q Sause”.

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We were able to get back home to Texas to visit family last week, which was wonderful! We stopped at some delicious restaurants and fun attractions along our way (Chuy’s, Rudy’s BBQ, Dr. Pepper Museum, etc.) and we had some fun with taking these photos

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2012: Week 9

2012: Week 9
Salvage yard

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Texas high

We traveled to Texas last week & took a trip to Guadalupe Mountains National Park on Memorial Day while we were there. It was hot (when we got in the car to leave, the temp outside was reading at over 100 degrees!) & sunny, but the scenery was beautiful! In the afternoon, a storm blew in & we missed the rain while we were outside, which was good; it just rained on our drive home a bit, which we didn’t mind at all. Ryan hiked to the top of Guadalupe Peak, which happens to be the highest point in Texas!

On our way back home, we got stuck in El Paso on the runway, due to bad weather, & had a layover in Dallas for the night before we could make it back to Detroit the next morning. It wasn’t pleasant being stuck in a plane & on the runway, in 100+ degree weather in El Paso, for almost 4 hours; but, I have to admit that once we took off it was worth it – the weather we saw on our way out of El Paso, in the air, was absolutely breathtaking! There was a dark, stormy sky with a rainbow cutting through it right down the middle on one side of the plane & on the other side of the plane was the most amazing sunset I think I’ve ever seen, with the mountains as a backdrop; the sky literally looked like it was on fire. On the flight to Dallas, we cut in & out between storm clouds & saw some pretty impressive lightning in the distance. And on the flight home to Detroit the next day, it was nothing but blue skies & lovely, fluffy white clouds.

For more photos from our trip, check out my flickr set here.

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Out in the West Texas town…

We spent some time in El Paso, TX this last week & here are some interesting & fun photos we got during our trip…

Mom, Ryan, & Val

A very strange door to nowhere...

We were all perplexed by the strange door, including Debbie

And some good ol' Texas BBQ!

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out in the west texas…

town of El Paso…

Here is an assortment of goodies from our most recent trip to El Paso. Sites included in the pics are the road to Carlsbad (it was snowing on our way there), Christmas lights in the Eastridge Neighborhood (cacti and palms decorated in Christmas lights), images from San Elizario’s mission area (including a mural about Billy the Kid), images from Old Mesilla, and some pictures from an antique store called the Whoopee Bowl (where you can purchase the dinosaur pictured above). Images after the jump.


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