The Great Nopales Quest of 2009!


We decided that we’d like to have Nopales (Prickly Pear) tacos for dinner tonight; Ryan’s made these before & they’re delicious! So we set out on a mission to find our Nopales… Although Whole Foods had most of the ingredients (Queso Fresco, bell peppers, onions, zucchini, squash, etc.) for our Mexican feast, we couldn’t find our key ingredient. And so began the great Nopales quest of 2009!

After making many calls to local grocery stores, we finally stumbled upon a Mexican grocery called Dos Hermanos & were much like 2 children on Christmas morning staring at presents under the tree; not only did this place have Nopales, they had so much more. We picked up the best Tomatillos we’ve ever seen in Michigan (these are usually very small & sad looking at most regular grocery stores here, if you can find them at all) for a fresh, homemade salsa verde as well as some Asadero cheese.

So, thank you, Dos Hermanos, for being there for us in our hour of need! Suddenly we are aware that we can have Nopales & other Mexican specialty ingredients whenever we want & we are very lucky to live in a place that offers us so many great grocery stores that allow us to find the ingredients to cook whatever our hearts & our tummy’s desire.

When the grilled veggies & Nopales are placed on flour tortillas, topped with fresh, homemade salsa verde & guacamole, & sprinkled with Queso Fresco or Asadero cheese, I know that I will appreciate them that much more; I do love a good adventure!

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