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I’m a big fan of shopping at local/family owned businesses. I find that what these places have to offer is of the highest quality & many of the items are unique, handmade, &/or hard to find elsewhere. In addition, I’ve found that my shopping experience is night & day different than what you usually get at a chain store; locally owned business employees/owners will almost always take the time to get to know you & your tastes (especially if you frequent their shop), greet you with a smile, & personally help you find whatever it is that you’re looking for in their shop.

We did some Christmas shopping yesterday (& squeezed in some things for ourselves too, I must admit) & visited one of my favorite, local shops, Tea Haus. The selection of teas & tea accessories is quite impressive & their tea is high quality & delicious; whatever your tea tastes are, they will definitely have one (or two, or three…) for you. The staff there is friendly, helpful, & very knowledgeable & I urge you to give this place a try if you haven’t been.

There are many local businesses that we love to support here in the Ann Arbor area & I encourage you to seek out local businesses in your area – you won’t regret it!

Here’s a few of our favorite, local businesses:
Acme Mercantile
Ann Arbor Farmers Market
Beezy’s Cafe
Bella Rosie
Cupcake Station
Downtown Home & Garden
Everyday Wines
Grizzly Peak
Herb David Guitar Studio
Middle Earth
The Rocket
Spice Merchants
Tea Haus
Treasure Mart
Vault of Midnight
Washtenaw Dairy

Another great local event that you can check out in the area for some unique gifts is the Shadow Art Fair.


  1. I love how you linked to all the favorite shopping places. Cool. The mashed potatoes looked yummy. Bet they were gone quickly. Love you two lovebirds.

  2. Glad you enjoyed all the links, I had fun making a list of these great places.

    Yep, the mashed potatoes were amazing & we’re still eating on them & enjoying them; we made a REALLY big pot of them! Love you too!

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