Death by Chocolate


Let me begin by saying that this recipe isn’t vegan (although I’m sure we could figure out how to alter the ingredients to make it so), or healthy, or sugar free, or fat free, or from scratch, or anything like that…but, it’s damn good none the less!

1 box of your favorite chocolate cake mix (Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker or whatever you like will do)
1 box chocolate pudding mix
1 tub of whip cream (Cool Whip or whatever you like will work)
1 bag of Heath Toffee Bits (you can find these on the baking isle in most grocery stores)

Make the chocolate cake mix, per the instructions on the box, (or you can always make yours from scratch, if you’re feeling ambitious), set aside, & let the cake cool completely before assembling. Make the pudding mix, per the instructions on the box (again, you can always make yours from scratch, if you like) & set aside. For the whip cream in this recipe, you can use Cool Whip or make your whip cream from scratch & set aside.

Using a round, glass trifle bowl (this works best, for presentation purposes – it’s fun to see all the layers) layer the ingredients twice in this order:
1. Use half of the chocolate cake to make a layer on the bottom (don’t worry about breaking your cake up, just fit half of it in however you can on the bottom of the bowl).
2. Then layer half of the chocolate pudding mix (spread over the layer of chocolate cake already in the bowl).
3. Then layer half the whip cream (spread over the layer of chocolate pudding already in the bowl).
4. Finally, add a layer of toffee bits sprinkled on top of the whip cream.
5. Repeat the steps above once more, for a total of two layers.

This isn’t fancy at all & takes almost no time to make (especially if you use the box mixes), but it looks pretty & is delicious to eat; enjoy a slow, blissful descent into chocolate, coma-inducing oblivion!!!


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  1. Can’t wait to indulge!!!

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