Family Ties


Family & friends are so very important to me; without them, I would live a very sad & lonely life. I count myself lucky that I treasure the memories I have of growing up & spending time with my grandparents & relatives as a child.

I had a special bond with one of my grandparents in particular – my grandmother on my Dad’s side; her name was Mozelle & we called her “Mema” & it always seemed to suit her! She & my granddaddy were married almost 64 years, when she passed away three years ago this month. I think of her often & can’t say enough good things about her.

To list just a few things about her, she was a beautician in Abilene, TX for 30 years, she loved word search puzzles, she made a mean homemade pie, & she was full of spunk her whole life – which I could never get enough of! One word that I love to use to describe my Mema is sassy & I just loved that about her; she was always so much fun & never made me feel anything short of infinitely loved.

Mema would drive us (my cousin Trina, my little brother Clint, & I) through town & when she went under the overpasses she would honk the horn as loud as she could, we’d roll down the windows & scream as loud as we could, & then we’d all giggle. She bought me my first Cabbage Patch Kid doll, & you probably remember what a big deal those were! Our school art projects would hang on her bedroom wall or be proudly displayed on her dresser for years; she was always so proud of us. She had no qualms telling me, in the sincerest way possible, that if someone were really mean to me or hurt my feelings then they were being “a horse’s rear”. When I went off to college, she knit me a throw blanket & would send me on my way with care packages full of goodies & sweets every time I stopped by their house.

When she passed away, I found a pile of letters she’d saved in a sewing basket & one of them was from me when I was 5 years old. She was my cheerleader, my friend, my family – she was the best grandmother a girl could have & not a day goes by that I don’t miss her & count myself lucky to have had her in my life!


  1. Aaaaw! What a great story, Val!!! She sounds like a hoot!! You are lucky!!!

  2. There should be bracelets with “What Would Mema Do?” on them. She was a saint.

  3. I think about Mema all the time. I could have written so many of your own memories myself 🙂 I remember how she would always takes us to McD’s, buy us each a pack of Bubble Yum or Bubbalicious, she always called ME a “horse’s rear”. Do you remember always getting duplicate Christmas gifts (like the cat clock)? I also remember how she always used “original, cherry-almond Jergens”, always carried a tissue in her hand, purse or pocket, was always eating Rolaids, and added sugar to EVERYthing she cooked 🙂 I can’t eat pecan anything without flashbacks of her and Grandaddy spending hours cracking pecans… Mema with all her fingers taped up because her skin was like paper.

    I miss her so… thanks for the memories Val

  4. Xoch, yes I am very lucky – she was really something special!

    Clint, excellent idea & I agree!

    Trina, yes I remember all of those things too; wonderful memories! I know that she called ALL of us a horse’s rear at least once. 😉

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