potato faux-rizo hash


This is a fairly easy recipe for breakfast brunch goodness.

1 package soyrizo (or your preffered faux-rizo)
2 tbsp chili powder blend (ie use a combination of smoked chili powder, la mesa dark chili powder, cayenne, and chipotle)
1-2 tbsp dried herbs (oregono and thyme worked well)
2 or so lbs of yukon gold potato (diced into 1/4″ pieces)
1 jalapeño (diced)
2 cans green chiles (if you live in New Mexico or like my parents in El Paso and can get ’em fresh use those)
1 medium purple onion (diced into small pieces)
2 tbsp and 1 1/2 tsp of vegetable oil (I prefer canola)
salt (to you taste preference)

I used two pans for this recipe. In a large pan heat over medium to medium high heat 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Toss the potatoes in to start cooking. Cook them for about 20-25 minutes or so, until they start to become tender. Note: the time it takes might vary based on the size and depth of your pan and whether or not you make this covered or uncovered, I cook it uncovered. Stir often so that the potatoes don’t stick to the pan, if using non-stick cookware you may want to add oil if things start to stick. Once the potatoes have started to brown add the onions and jalapeño. Stir often again making sure everything is getting cooked.

In a smaller pan heat the remaining vegetable oil over medium heat. Add the soyrizo and chili powder blend and cook throughly. Depending on the brand that means until it starts to brown and break into smaller pieces. It took mine about 6-8 minutes. Add the soyrizo, dried herbs, and green chilies to the potato mixture. Cook for an additional 3-5 minutes so that all the flavors mix. Make sure your potatoes are cooked all the way through and add salt to your liking. All and all it takes anywhere between 35-45 minutes for things to cook properly in my kitchen.

For additional spiciness use more jalapeños, cayenne, or whatever pepper preference you may have. I tamed this one down for guests at a brunch, if it was for myself I would have added more spice to this one. Toss in some salsa, add in some eggs, maybe some black beans, throw it on a tortilla (or 4 or 5) and you have yourself a pretty nice breakfast burrito.

Sorry folks, no finished pics here, I was so hungry I forgot to take pics. But just look at it cooking on the stove nice a purty-like and use your imagination what it looks like when that delicious faux-meat substance on the right is added to the potatoes.

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