Soup, Wine, & Flowers

We had the pleasure of attending the Souper Supper & Wine Tasting at Pot & Box tonight. The soup was delicious, the wine was delightful, the flowers were beautiful, & the profits were given to Food Gatherers.

I walked away with a full & happy tummy & couldn’t help but leave with some cut roses as well; they really are stunning! I picked up some antique looking, dusty pink roses & also some that are two-tone gold & orange-red.

It was a night filled with many of my favorite things: soup, wine, flowers, & a date with my wonderful husband.


  1. Sounds like the perfect evening! Food Gatherers is such a wonderful organization.

  2. hi val! i just added you to my blogroll…or whatever you call it.
    love the blog, and it was great meeting you & ryan, though i feel like i know you two already!

    see you soon, i’m sure!

  3. Abigail – Yes, it was a great evening! You should check out Pot & Box’s shop; they’re practically right across the street from your studio space.

    Jennifer – Thanks, that means a lot coming from you; I love your photos too!

    Lisa – Thanks, I’ve just added your blog to my blogroll too. Great meeting you as well & I agree; hope to see you again soon. šŸ™‚

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