One cute couple!

This is Jen & Walter, one cute couple right?!? They are fantastic & they are very dear friends of ours who were engaged this last fall & will be getting married back home in Texas this May. We spent this weekend celebrating Jen & Walter & had a blast at two wonderful parties in their honor.

On Friday, the girls all had a bachelorette party/lingerie shower for Jen at Pot & Box, where we had some yummy food & drinks, in a fabulous flower shop/studio space (with a fabulous owner, by the way – thanks, Lisa, you’re the best!), we had a demonstration by Lisa on how to make boutonnieres & corsages for Jen’s wedding, & we got to watch Jen open all her gifts (I’m blushing as I type this)! Jen’s sister, Stephanie, put this great party together & it was so wonderful to have her here to celebrate with us.

While the girls were at the flower shop, the boys had their own shindig where they ended the night rocking out in Mark’s basement – I wonder when they’ll take the band on the road & go on tour?

Saturday we all reconvened for an engagement party at Leslie’s house, where we again had great food & drink, a slide show of photos that Jen’s sister Stephanie put together of photos of Jen & Walter through the years, & of course we got to visit with the stars of the weekend again – Jen & Walter!

Ryan & I are lucky enough to have Jen & Walter living literally just down the path from our apartment & in the same apartment complex as us & we love bumping into them & having impromptu dinner parties, etc. whenever we can.

Congrats, Jen & Walter, it was a wonderful weekend to celebrate love & two lovely people!


  1. Yay for Jen and Walter! It was a lovely weekend celebrating the happy, adorable couple. (I’m going to stay in my pajamas all day to recover.)

    I think I’m going to start looking for houses in my neighborhood for you two and Jen and Walter so we can join in those impromptu dinner parties!

    Let’s karaoke soon!

  2. Abigail, we’d love to live in your neighborhood – you’re house is adorable! And, of course, who wouldn’t love having you as a neighbor (& an excellent cook, gardener, etc. to boot)?!? We’d love to have a dinner party with you any time too! Yes, karaoke is definitely in order; ’cause you know I like to rock. 🙂

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