Nervous But Excited

Ryan surprised me with tickets to see Nervous But Excited at The Ark on Saturday evening, which I never even suspected & it was such a wonderful surprise to get; I am one lucky girl to have such a thoughtful husband!

We first heard of Nervous But Excited/saw them at the Folk Festival a couple months ago & I really enjoy seeing them perform live. My personal favorite Nervous But Excited song is “Said & Done” – it’s so lovely it kind of makes me want to cry…


  1. I feel lame admitting it, but this is the first I’ve heard of them! Damn! I’ve been missing out.

    And that Michigan hug thing is just about the best thing ever.

  2. Abigail, I’d never heard of them until recently too – but I’m sure glad I know about them now…they’re amazing! Check out their music & I’m sure you’ll love it!

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