…and I want to paint it gray

It is now officially 3 days until we get the keys to our new home! We are first time homeowners & are very excited to get started on the many projects ahead of us. One of the first things we’ll tackle (after refinishing hardwood floors) is painting the interior of our new home. We decided on Benjamin Moore Natura® Zero-VOC Interior Paint & selected several samples to test on our walls before we make our final color decisions. While this may seem mundane to some, it’s a pretty big deal to us as we’ve never had the opportunity to select our own paint colors for our home before. It can also be a little overwhelming as the options are endless.

While Ryan is an all white walls kind of guy, which I can appreciate, I felt as if we should take advantage of the fact that we can select some color for our house – even if we do choose white, at least it’s our preferred white. That being said, I’m more of a neutral & white wall person myself – so nothing too bold – & I have been thinking about & looking at gray paint swatches for some time now. After narrowing down our choices somewhat, we came up with the following colors to test out:

Now we’ll just have to wait & see how they look once we get them up on the wall!

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