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Last Saturday we said goodbye to my beloved Granddaddy in Abilene, “Big Country”, Texas. It was so nice to see family, some of which we hadn’t seen in many years, although we wish it could have been under happier circumstances. It feels so strange – filled with sadness and happy memories all at the same time – the business of packing up someone’s life; as we went through my Granddaddy’s home, putting things away and boxing things up, I had so many wonderful memories of years past spent in that house – Christmases and summers and happy times…the smell of him lingering in his closet and in his shirts. We cut some pink garden roses from my Granddaddy’s front yard and brought them in a vase to the funeral home; they were so beautiful and I think he would have liked to have his own roses, that he spent so much time growing and caring for, there.

Roses from my Granddaddy's garden

Before we left Abilene on Sunday, we made it a point to take some photos on my Granddaddy’s front porch in the white porch swing we spent time on even as kids. I will miss his pretty little white house on Kirkwood, but most of all I will miss him. I’ll always have wonderful memories though and he will forever be in my heart.

This was one of my favorites: a photo of my brother, my cousin Trina, and I on that white porch swing… Then…


And now…


More photos from our visit to Abilene here.


  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful family.
    I’m so sorry for your loss…
    Thinking of you.

  2. We traveled to Abilene this weekend to see my parents. We had originally planned on going to celebrate Granddaddy’s birthday so it was a bittersweet trip. The house is looking very empty but “those memories” are still fully there. Miss you

  3. Author

    Sorry for my belated reply on this one, but thanks so much Abigail; I really appreciate this.

  4. Author

    I miss you too, Trina! I’m sorry, I know it’s hard and we miss him so much. I like to think that he and Mema must be having a big party together now and that makes me smile.

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