perfect portraits

Cheney, by Tanya Spolans

My parents’ dog, Cheney, recently passed away and we asked our friend Tanya to do a portrait of him for them; I knew she was talented…but wow…it turned out even more beautiful than I could have imagined (it was hard for me not to burst into tears when she gave it to me)! After we saw what she’d done with the portrait of Cheney, we had to ask her to do one of Melody too. They are both so amazingly beautiful and really capture both Cheney’s and Melody’s spirits I think. If you noticed, Melody’s tag here reads “Meldoy” which was intentional and is a funny story; Ryan and I once misspelled her name, “Meldoy”, on her dog tag and she wore it on her collar like that for years – it wasn’t until we moved and re-made her a tag with our new address that we realized what we’d done and we will never stop laughing about that!

These will be treasured always by our family – thank you, Tanya! You should check out her shop on Etsy here; she really is a wizard with watercolor.

Melody by Tanya Spolans


  1. These are wonderful portraits!

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