Marvelous Maddy

This Friday will be one week since we adopted Maddy and she is still as sweet and lovable as ever! She is a high-energy (typical of her breed and her age), active (we walk/jog and play ball or throw a frisbee with her for ~1 hour in the morning and again in the afternoon daily), smart (she already knows “sit”, “lay”, “don’t touch”, etc.), sweet, beautiful puppy. She is very young and will need a lot of training and we are going to enjoy every minute of it. When she’s not running as fast as she can and playing as hard as she can, she very sweetly will lay down at our feet (sometimes on top of our feet) or lay on one of her pillows. She has the softest, silkiest coat and does the most adorable and amazing stretches; you should see her downward dog. Just look at that face and those eyes…L-O-V-E! On top of being the lucky ones who get to be her family, we are lucky to have friends and family share their excitement and support with us on our adopting her too. I think my Mom got it right when she said, “I think you picked the right dog. She probably has an IQ higher than all of us combined.”

I was sharing with my friend Sheila yesterday that Maddy seems very unsure/scared of our basement stairs and she then shared this (and this) with me which had me laughing out loud. Lucky for us, I have no doubt that Maddy would pass any dog IQ test we gave her with flying colors!

dog nap


  1. Maddy was hesitant to go down our basement stairs the first time I tried to take her down there. I put a harness and leash on her and just went down the stairs. She resisted just a little but I didn’t give her a choice. After that first time, she was flying up and down those stairs. She absolutely LOVED it when we took her down there to play.

    Love you Maddy!

  2. Author

    Yesterday afternoon, when I got home & went downstairs to grab my jeans from the dryer, she came down the stairs all on her own – with a little positive verbal encouragement from me!
    Ryan has been taking her downstairs to play after her walk/jog in the mornings too.

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