Ypsilanti 4th of July parade  #fourthofjuly #redwhiteandblue

We celebrated the 4th by attending the Ypsilanti 4th of July parade (celebrating its 90th year), getting caught in a rainstorm, spending lots of time outside and sweating…a lot, dipped our toes (and paws) in the water, and of course enjoying some grilled eats and some cold beers – yum! Maddy enjoyed a little bit of Frisbee time in the park and she didn’t even seem to mind the shallow Argo cascades when we walked through the area for a bit (she’s not a big fan of the water). She didn’t seem interested in carrying the little flag we purchased, but it made for a nice decoration in our patio planter instead. Hope your 4th was a blast!

Want to see more? Here are a few photos and videos from our day.

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