Our good friends, Mark & Amy, invited us over to join them & others for a vegan brunch feast that could easily rival the best Thanksgiving spreads in variety, selection, & most definitely in flavor; I don’t know about others, but I know that I had been looking forward toContinue Reading

I love to visit the Ann Arbor Farmers Market (& Farmers Markets in general)! Buying fresh, organic, & locally grown produce & goods makes me feel good & it’s beautiful to wander around the stalls & take in all the colors, smells, sights, & sounds. Today, we picked up 3Continue Reading

We went to the carnival that set up in the Pioneer High School parking lot, just down the road from our apartment, on Friday evening & had lots of fun eating snow cones, playing skee ball, & riding the rides (ferris wheel, Mardi Gras Fun House, etc.); with all theContinue Reading

Inspired by our friends Mark and Amy (who started blogging recently), Val decided it was time to share our goings on with the world at large. So we purchased this domain, installed WordPress, and are now rockin’ the blogosphere.