Here is the recipe I used for some delicious vegan doughnuts this week. It took some figuring out testing (oh! those poor lost doughnut souls) and finally I managed to get it right. Or at least right enough for now until I get curious and tweak it some more. SoContinue Reading

Our good friends, Mark & Amy, invited us over to join them & others for a vegan brunch feast that could easily rival the best Thanksgiving spreads in variety, selection, & most definitely in flavor; I don’t know about others, but I know that I had been looking forward toContinue Reading

Our good friend Stephanie is a very good cook & just so happens to make the best Bloody Mary I’ve ever tasted. She was nice enough to share her recipe with me & I have enjoyed making this myself. You’ll notice there are no specific amounts listed below for theContinue Reading

A quick trip to the store yielded a good crop of delicious vegetable goodness. In light of that some veggies tacos were made (see Señor Choppington’s Guacamole for a pic). This quick and easy to do recipe is perfect for those who don’t want to spend too much time cooking,Continue Reading

Señor Choppington is our Global vegetable santoku knife. He is a mean bastard who has attempted to wound me on many occasions. But we have become friends over the past year and he has allowed me to wield his chopping power to make delicious food. This guacamole is pretty simpleContinue Reading

We couldn’t have a blog & not introduce you to our adorable, sweet, intelligent, all around fantastic dog, Melody (a.k.a. Princess Puppy Pants). We adopted her from the Town Lake Animal Center in Austin, TX in September 2001 & have been blessed to have her in our lives ever since.Continue Reading

I love to visit the Ann Arbor Farmers Market (& Farmers Markets in general)! Buying fresh, organic, & locally grown produce & goods makes me feel good & it’s beautiful to wander around the stalls & take in all the colors, smells, sights, & sounds. Today, we picked up 3Continue Reading

We went to the carnival that set up in the Pioneer High School parking lot, just down the road from our apartment, on Friday evening & had lots of fun eating snow cones, playing skee ball, & riding the rides (ferris wheel, Mardi Gras Fun House, etc.); with all theContinue Reading

It’s summer in Ann Arbor & it sure is lovely! The flowers are in bloom & there’s lots of ducks & baby ducks in the pond at our apartment complex. Something that I find myself looking forward to each day is coming in/out of our apartment complex & looking overContinue Reading

Inspired by our friends Mark and Amy (who started blogging recently), Val decided it was time to share our goings on with the world at large. So we purchased this domain, installed WordPress, and are now rockin’ the blogosphere.