Val and I just got new phones (iPhones to be specific) and have been as my friend Xoch says a bit of iPhoniacs lately (Xoch swears she coined that term). We downloaded a fun app called ShakeIt Photo which emulates a polaroid camera. If anything it is a saving graceContinue Reading

I love to visit the Ann Arbor Farmers Market (& Farmers Markets in general)! Buying fresh, organic, & locally grown produce & goods makes me feel good & it’s beautiful to wander around the stalls & take in all the colors, smells, sights, & sounds. Today, we picked up 3Continue Reading

We went to the carnival that set up in the Pioneer High School parking lot, just down the road from our apartment, on Friday evening & had lots of fun eating snow cones, playing skee ball, & riding the rides (ferris wheel, Mardi Gras Fun House, etc.); with all theContinue Reading

It’s summer in Ann Arbor & it sure is lovely! The flowers are in bloom & there’s lots of ducks & baby ducks in the pond at our apartment complex. Something that I find myself looking forward to each day is coming in/out of our apartment complex & looking overContinue Reading