On January 13th, we began the celebration of our 12th anniversary with brunch & ended it with an equally delicious dessert. We ventured out for dinner at a new restaurant in downtown A2 & were not disappointed – Vellum was a treat for the taste-buds!

This Sunday, January 13th, we celebrate our 12th anniversary! I’ll keep this short and sweet… I love my husband more than I could ever express, life is good, and here’s to happiness, love, laughter, and another amazing year ahead and many more to come!

To quote Buddy The Elf, “I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it!” Today, Ryan & I celebrate our 11th anniversary (that’s undecimus, in Latin). We’re planning on a nice dinner at Grange & a relaxing weekend. Did you know the traditional gift for 11th anniversariesContinue Reading

Remember this? Then you should really check out this; Jen & Gabe did a fantastic job, as usual, & took some really fun photos of our event – which is fitting since it was a really fun night! Note: The photo above was not taken by Jen or Gabe – their photosContinue Reading

Ryan & I had a wonderful anniversary party on Saturday, January 15th to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary with our friends & it was a blast! Although we were both (& are both still) on antibiotics for a sinus infection, we had a great time dancing & laughing with someContinue Reading

As of today, January 13, 2011, Ryan & I have been married for a decade; 10 years seem to have flown by & I couldn’t be happier! Tonight, we’ll be celebrating by treating ourselves to a nice dinner out at Eve & we’ve planned an anniversary party to celebrate withContinue Reading