In our house there is definitely a strong love of ice cream/sorbet. One of our favorite local places to go is Blank Slate and they recently had apple cider sorbet on their menu which inspired us to make our own, homemade apple cider sorbet. We looked up recipes online beforeContinue Reading

Suddenly, it’s October; it seems as though it snuck up on me somehow. Ryan did an artist talk at Savannah College of Art & Design this week and our friend, Lisa Waud, is doing this amazing project and was featured on Martha Stewart…hey, I know them! In other news, theContinue Reading

We spent a fantastic, long weekend up in northwest Michigan in the Traverse City area. I honestly don’t think I can come up with the appropriate words to really describe how breathtakingly beautiful it was up there (especially with the fall color on display)! As you may already be aware,Continue Reading

Today’s date just so happens to be 101010 & it was a lovely fall day here in Ann Arbor, MI. We headed, with friends, to the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary (GLRS) & to Wasem Fruit Farm for the afternoon to enjoy the lovely weather. At GLRS, we sponsored one ofContinue Reading

I know I’ve mentioned my love for apples before, but I’m going to have to do it again – apples really are a wonderful thing & living here in Michigan, you can’t help but fall in love with fresh apples & apple cider from the local orchards & cider millsContinue Reading

I love apples & one of the definite perks to living in Michigan is apples in the fall!  It doesn’t get any better than this, folks – ever bite into a fresh picked Michigan apple on a crisp fall day?  If so, then you know what I’m talking about!  SoContinue Reading