Things I love: My husband (who makes me lattes). Roos Roast Lobster Butter Love in my lattes. Saturday mornings at home. Thunderstorms. Garden flowers. Pasta for dinner (with fresh-cut garden basil on top). My cutie pup (who looks extra cute here in her Texas Tech collar begging for crackers).

We discovered this recipe for tomato basil cream pasta from VeganYumYum & it was love at first taste for us; yes, this recipe is not our own, but we love it so very much that we had to share it with you – there really is something magical about puttingContinue Reading

The basil in our garden was out of control so we decided to tame it a bit by using a good amount of fresh basil to make a tasty pesto; here is a quick summery dish to help you get rid of all of your overgrown basil that is waitingContinue Reading