Wishing you all a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!! Thankful for my Papa, Granddaddy, Dad, Father-in-law, and all those who’ve given their service to our country. And happy 94th birthday to my Granddaddy (pictured above) on Tuesday!

After enjoying a delicious blueberry pancake breakfast, it was nice enough yesterday that we were able to get outside and start some yard cleanup for spring. We also managed to wash our windows on the outside which made a huge difference; I don’t know why we waited so long to do that, butContinue Reading

We had a busy weekend with a little fun in between; beautiful weather and fun with friends on Friday and Saturday, complete with a fabulous, double birthday celebration, garden cocktail party (where I finally found a reason to debut this fun party dress) along with some shoe molding installation andContinue Reading

We celebrated Averie’s first birthday with a party last weekend at the lovely home of Ralph & Suzanne & all had a wonderful time! It was great to see & spend time with so many friends & to watch Averie very daintily take apart her first birthday cake; like theContinue Reading

Months ago, our friend Michael shared a dream with us…to make & eat a dessert version of a Turducken which he named a Coopieke. A Coopieke is a cookie inside of a pie inside of a cake. Michael celebrated his birthday with us last weekend and thus the dream wasContinue Reading

Happy birthday, to you, Dad! You can fix just about anything, you play a mean guitar, and from the looks of this picture you would’ve killed it on the runway too.

We drove to Texas for Christmas with a car full of presents, our adorable dog, & delicious treats from Michigan (Zzang! bars, fresh MI apple cider, Trader Joe’s Joe Joe’s, etc.) & spent a wonderful holiday with our family. We enjoyed celebrating my brother’s 30th birthday on Christmas Eve (RyanContinue Reading