I had no idea there were so many named Keebler Elves and that one of them, Roger, is a jeweler. Why do the Keebler Elves need a jeweler? Some of them have names that make a little more sense to me, given their occupation, like Fast Eddie here; Fast EddieContinue Reading

Months ago, our friend Michael shared a dream with us…to make & eat a dessert version of a Turducken which he named a Coopieke. A Coopieke is a cookie inside of a pie inside of a cake. Michael celebrated his birthday with us last weekend and thus the dream wasContinue Reading

365 – Day 276 It’s the day after Thanksgiving, so what do we do? Decorate for Christmas of course! Christmas is my favorite holiday & I like to enjoy the holiday glow for as long as I can – this cute little gingerbread cookie was just the icing on the cake.Continue Reading