365 – Day 276 It’s the day after Thanksgiving, so what do we do? Decorate for Christmas of course! Christmas is my favorite holiday & I like to enjoy the holiday glow for as long as I can – this cute little gingerbread cookie was just the icing on the cake.Continue Reading

We didn’t dye any eggs today, but Ryan did make these awesome Easter egg inspired cupcakes. Thank you, sir, may I have another?

Our dear friend, Ken, celebrated his graduation (Master’s Degree in Arts Management) from EMU last weekend & Ryan made, yes, count them, four different types of cupcakes for the party. Ryan’s vegan, gluten-free cupcakes never disappoint & these were amazing, as usual! Using our Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the WorldContinue Reading

We had a rousing conversation about fruit & what our favorite fruits were with friends over dinner last night; there was a much heated debate over whether strawberry or raspberry jam was the best too. My favorite fruit is most definitely the strawberry! Although I love most any fruit, strawberriesContinue Reading

As you should already know by now, if you’re a regular reader of our blog or you know Ryan & I personally, Ryan is a fantastic cook & an excellent baker. When he asked me what kind of cupcakes I’d like him to make me for my birthday, I decidedContinue Reading